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Not just Africa, but the world at large is sabotaged by socio-economic issues like illiteracy, poverty, poor healthcare, insecurity, among others. Chess In Slums Africa is contributing a meaningful quota to solving these through the following medium

Chess and leadership training.

Raising 'Smart Thinkers' among children dwelling in slum communities through the impeccable aid of chess.com, a global chess platform which avails the children the opportunity to play against children from diverse backgrounds all over the world.  Knowing the onions of chess also equips the children with basic leadership skills like critical thinking, time management, and people skills. Chess in Slums Africa ensures that these skills are very well harnessed.


Securing lifelong scholarships for out-of-school and vulnerable children in the slum communities.


Unlimited access to the internet-enabled computers for the children to explore coding, programming, and the chess.com platform.


Connecting the children with chess enthusiasts and role models in various fields to inspire them on formulating a defined career path and harnessing talents

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10s and 100s of Children
roam around the streets
with no idea of what
tomorrow holds

Problem Statements

Here are the problems we are trying to address

Life in urban slum communities is worse than we can imagine. Children living in slum communities are among the most marginalized groups in the world. They have little or no access to good food, healthcare, good education, technology, etc. One of such communities is Majidun Ogolonto in Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria. 
Housing over 5000 inhabitants, the condition of homes in Majidun is a quintessential sorry state and a harbor of sickness and diseases including dreaded malaria. The situation is worse for children who due to this condition cannot enjoy the luxury of childhood innocence but are made to deal with navigating on a daily the challenges of what to eat, what to drink, and how to survive in a crime-infested community. 

Chess In Slum Africa takes up the mantle of bringing the best out of these children regardless of the arduous circumstances.

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Chess in Slums is completely run by volunteers. We could use your skills and prowess as ell to help sharpen these kids.

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Goals and Objectives

To promote and enhance learning through chess education, philanthropy and mentorship.


Empowering children changes the future generation positively, inspires community development and wealth creation, thereby breaking the poverty cycle. 

The goal of Chess In Slums Africa is to reach out to more than ten thousand children dwelling in slum communities in five years. We believe that a community is only as good as its plans and actions towards its younger generation.


Kids Enrolled


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With your help,

These are what we envisage for the African Continent

This initiative has the ability to reach more than ten thousand kids in a span of five years in slums across Africa.

Empowering a child changes the future generation, inspires community development and breaks the poverty cycle.

A community is only as good as its plans for its younger generation.

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What we aim to achieve
  • Unveiling royalty in every child.
  • To empower, uplift and educate children in slum communities.
  • To get more kids to play chess as a valuable way to achieve the fourth global goal for sustainable development: Quality education for all.
  • To bridge segregation and marginalization between slum and urban communities.
  • To enlighten kids by inculcating life values to help them escape the vicious cycle of slum life.
  • To inspire career professionals who are also chess lovers from all over the world to be accessible to kids in these communities as mentors and role models.
  • To set up chess and creativity learning centres across communities.
  • To help build the next generation of STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND
    MATHEMATICS) leaders using chess educational resources.
  • To raise chess champions from the slums, up to national and international standards.
  • To substantially reduce the number of out of school children living in impoverished communities

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Need for the initiative

Child protection

Youth empowerment

Youth rehabilitation

Improved education

Mental health

Social skills

Wealth creation



Human values and dignity


We are happy our efforts are noticed

People from around the world regularly reach out with words of encouragements and we do appreciate them. 

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